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Our customers have reason to love these best-selling products. Each soap slice is made with the utmost care and love! We believe in products that are not only vegan, but 100% natural and eco-friendly!

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Soap Slices

We use 100% pure essential oils for each handcrafted batch of soap we make. Every batch we create is unique, even though our base recipe that we have perfected remains the same. We love creating new scents with blends of essential oils, playing with colour combinations, and using different pour methods. Our hard butter includes Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Coconut oil.

Cuticle oil by BergBlomSoap

Cuticle oil

Our gorgeous-smelling Cuticle oil hydrates and nourishes your cuticles, nails, and skin. We use the finest Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils with our unique mixture of 100% pure essential oils. Our cuticle oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and reduces skin irritations. In our unique blend of essential oils, we use Rosemary oil, which is known to stimulate nail growth.

Bath Oils

Our Bath Oil is filled with self-dried flowers from the local Flower farm in our area. We use the finest Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils with our unique mixture of 100% pure essential oils. Sweet Almond oil is well known for its healing properties for scars; it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and reduces skin irritations. Sweet Almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin and penetrates the deep layers of the skin. The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Grapeseed oil help against acne and restore the collagen levels in the skin. Its astringent qualities tighten the skin and reduce pore size. Our lavish Bath Oil smells beautiful; throw it in your bath water for a luxurious body experience, or massage it into your skin after a bath.

Bath Oil by BergBlomSoap
Shaving Soap Bar with a Shaving brush by BergBlomSoap

Shaving Soap Bar

Our Men’s Shaving Soap Bar comes in a tin, making shaving while travelling easy. Our soap bar lathers up nicely, moisturising your skin while smelling good. Our fresh, invigorating smell consists of our blend of essential oils, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Lemon, and Tea tree oil. Bergamot essential oil is known to facilitate wound healing and reduce inflammation. We use Shea and Cocoa butter, which have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


Our soft washcloths (waslappies) are handmade by our ladies with 100% cotton yarn. Cotton is durable, washable and absorbent. Our cotton washcloths are re-useable and dry quickly and thoroughly.  Our washcloths are perfect for making ample soapy suds with our unique handcrafted soap.

washcloth handmade by Berg Blom soap

Face Scrubbies

Our cute crochet face scrubbies are washable, re-useable and perfect for adding to your eco-friendly facecare routine. Face scrubbies takes the place of commercial single-use cotton rounds. They are great for gentle exfoliating but still gentle on the skin.

Who's behind berg blom soap?

BergBlom Soap was started as a creative outlet and has brought great joy to us. Interested in making soap, we realised that palm oil and chemicals were used in almost all commercially available soaps. These soaps often leave skin dry and flaky after use. Most palm oil farming worldwide results in deforestation and the destruction of natural habitats for endangered species. We decided to make soap without palm oil as a base ingredient and use only 100% natural, high-quality ingredients while creating a luxurious, beautiful, and indulging product.



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Products made specially for you!

Custom Made Products

We can customise any of our products for your business. All we need is some information about your business, so we can send you an estimate.

Our options include stamping your logo into our soap bars, personally designed labels and custom essential blends and color designs.


Add some elegance to your wedding party with these beautifully personalized soap favors. These aromatic and practical soap favors makes the perfect ‘Thank You’ gift.

Baby Shower Favours

You can order as many or few as you like for your special day.  All our products are handmade and each batch can be personalized just for you.

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